The Conference

A potent concentration of all things digital, the USI conference challenges, explores and questions the future. Over the past 10 years, USI has grown to become a benchmark for major international conferences on digital transformation.

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The Idea

Knowledge has value only when shared. USI provides a space for opinion leaders, attendees, and key digital transformation players to congregate for two days of unique and disruptive talks.

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The USI conference welcomes over 1700 attendees, from members of the board to operational teams, all committed to changing their organizations for the better and quenching their curiosity. USI’s strength lies in its unwavering ability to surprise. The only conference designed for both Geeks and Bosses, USI promotes knowledge sharing and team cohesion.

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Training Program

Participants can choose to attend USI alone or with a group of colleagues. If you wish to attend USI as part of a company training program, please tick the appropriate box in the Registration form to collate all paperwork required.

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