Privacy Policy App

The USI Event mobile application collects the following information:

1. Notifications and interactive questions at the event

The OneSignal library allows us to send notifications and questions during the USI event, which takes place on June 24 and 25, 2019. The collected data are:

The data is anonymous. Responses to questions are kept for public intervention at the event) and destroyed one month after the event, July 25, 2019. You can connect to mobile notifications by setting up application notifications, provided by the operating system (iOS or Android, if available). The answers to the questions are not mandatory and are subject to the consent of everyone.

These data are stored in the United States, for more information, see

2. Conference Notes

The notes on the lectures are strictly anonymous, the notes (note 1 to 5) and the name of the lectures are kept, without any link with the user. These data are aggregated for the old average ratings and allow the publication of the most popular conferences. Unit notes are destroyed one month after the event.

3. Satisfaction questionnaire

A satisfaction questionnaire is available after the event. Are collected: the opinion of the user and his email address. This form is optional and subject to individual consent. This data is collected to improve the service and is destroyed one month after the event.

4. Broadcast list

In the satisfaction form, it is possible to subscribe to the mailing list. Data collected: email address of the user. You can unsuscribe at anytime by sending a mail to